Why work with travel bloggers?

The world of tourism is rapidly changing. More and more people decide to organize their trips independently. They want to have the best experience and therefore personalize their travels. And here comes the important role of travel bloggers: They offer a different perspective from travel agencies. They offer their OWN point of view and describe things they have really experienced. This doesn’t have to be necessarily positive but it’s AUTHENTIC. This is one of the main reasons why people tend to look up to travel bloggers and ask for their advice.

Why us?

On the top!
Enrico and Zuzana, full time travelers!

The truth is that internet is full of travel blogs. So why should you choose us? Let us give you a few reasons to consider:

1. We started our website because we love traveling, photography and writing. We wanted to encourage people to travel, even to places that are not the usual tourist destinations. We didn’t expect the blog to be successful. However, after gaining a considerable number of followers, we decided to take things further.

2. We are full-time travelers and dedicate all our time to making the blog a website people will come back to. The contents and the visual part are the alpha and omega of our work. It takes a lot of time and effort until we are ready to publish a post.

3. We have already cooperated with several sponsors who were very satisfied with our work. Some of them want to continue the cooperation or use our photos for commercial purposes.

4. We do not take our followers for granted: We work very hard to keep the contents fresh and to make our blog as interesting as possible. We want them to read a post and decide to visit the place. We accept criticism and we know that there is always a lot of space for improving.

5. We don’t lie. We don’t feel it’s right to write positively about a place if we didn’t like it. Honesty is important for us and we don’t want to become a cheap advertising tool. We are open to collaboration proposals but we want to stay true to ourselves and our followers.

6. We stick to what we agree on. Our preferred way of communication is via mail. This way we make sure that all our conversations are documented and there are no misunderstandings. We set the conditions with a sponsor in advance and we make sure to fulfill our part of the agreement.

What can we do for you?

In case you like what you see, then know that we can be helpful to you in different ways:

1. We can write a strong review about your structure/organization/course. As you can see on the following links, our reviews are accompanied by eye-catching pictures:

Hotel: The Old Inn Bandipur

Restaurant: Krishnarpan Restauran at Dwarika’s Hotel

Course: Cooking class in Kathmandu

2. If you need a photography service with fresh ideas and creativity, we are here for you. We will send you our pictures in high resolution so that you can use them on commercial purposes.

3. If you feel something needs to be done about your online presence, we can mention your structure/organization/course on our social media, again making it visually attractive.

4. We can insert the review of your structure/organization/course into our posts. This way it becomes visible to potential clients who look for more information about the destination.

Do you have a different idea? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll figure something out!

Media kit

Last but not least, we realize that numbers are vital. If you’re still not convinced to work with us, we have prepared a little media kit where you can see how many people we actually reach through our posts. Click on the image below to download it.

Ok, ready to work with us? Send us an email to info@travelhysteria.com and we’ll make sure to give you a reply within 24 hours.