Why you should start traveling now, and never stop

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Can travelling change the world? It can. Can travelling change you? Absolutely yes. In this post we want to inspire as many people as possible to travel more. Here are 7 reasons why you should start traveling now and never stop.

Travel Hysteria couple in Chichén Itza
Travel Hysteria couple in Chichén Itza

1. Travelling means discovery

Nothing like a travel can make you aware. Aware of everything. From the social situation of a population, to the real taste of a dish, you will discover a lot of things. It’s the best school out there! We all are used to studying a lot, first in high school and then university. Then we read the news everyday, we watch them on TV and we think we know everything. Guess what?

We know nothing until we start travelling. We’re not saying that school, university and studies are useless. But you can’t really know something until you go there and see it. Travelling is a continuous discovery!

2. Traveling will heal you up

If you have been bitten by the travel bug, no doubt that travelling will make you feel better. Immediately! Especially a long trip. Nowadays, we barely have time for a proper sleep. Our days are hectic: they can be summarized as “Work, eat, sleep. Repeat” . Obviously, this is the worst nightmare ever. But think about it for a second: isn’t this routine killing you? Aren’t you letting this routine kill your dreams? Don’t do it.

Take a breath and go travelling. If possible, take one month off from your daily life. Start again from the beginning: we should enjoy our time spent on Earth. So take it slow, don’t rush, and start over. Enjoy simple things, like a walk in the morning, a beautiful sunset, a nice coffee. Watch the stars above and think. Traveling will heal your soul and your heart!

3. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

That’s a very famous quote. Everyone knows it, and it’s indeed true. Nowadays we spend way too much money on things. But do we really need them? We always think twice before buying something. Attention, it’s not meanness! Do we really need that new shoes? Do we really want to buy a new pair of trousers? For the same price, you can do a lot of things:

  • Buy a low-cost flight ticket;
  • Rent a car for a couple of days while travelling;
  • Have dinner with your loved ones wherever you want

And so on. So, the moral is: Buy less, travel more!

Traveling means discovery
Traveling means discovery

4. Time is our only real resource

Think about it. What do we really own in this life? Things? Money? Our career? Nope.

We just have time. And not even so much. So we better use it in a good way. We are not saying “Don’t work, just travel the world”, even if we would like to do so! The truth is that nowadays, we’re losing our way. We need to re-prioritize our days, our lives. Unfortunately, we all need a job in order to pay our meals, and our travels. But don’t make a mistake to put your job at the top of your priorities.

Time is cruel, ruthless. It won’t come back. If you really want to travel somewhere, just go. Don’t give up on travelling just because of your job. If they value you, they will wait for you until you’re back. If not, you will find something better!

5. It restores your faith in humanity

People are good. Even more: usually, the poorest are also the kindest and most compassionate. You will meet a lot of people during your travels, a few bad as well. But the reality is far from that shown in the evening TV news. There are a lot of good people out there! We give you some examples:

  • We were driving through Poland. Then we got lost, in the countryside, during the night. No GPS, just a small map with us. We saw a small house, then we asked for help. A lumberjack took his car and drove us to the closest exit to highway, which was 1 hour from his place. So he drove for 2 hours just to show us our way home, and he was sincerely happy to do that. Never thanked you enough, mate!
  • In Vietnam, we got lost in Hue (Yeah, we get lost quite often). We had bicycles and we couldn’t find our hotel. A guy came to us and offered his help, so he drove us with his motorbike. Well, he tried to, but he ran out of gas. After a minute, a lady saw us and decided to drive us to the hotel. We didn’t even ask her anything.

And much more. Locals will often treat you like a guest, not just a tourist. Travel will make you love people!

6. Traveling hasn’t to be expensive

Who said that traveling is expensive? It is not. Again, it’s a matter of priorities. Of course some places are truly expensive: you can’t go to the Galapagos or to the Easter Island and expect to spend 200 Euro. But you can travel a lot without spending too much.

Wanna know how to save money? Check our Travel Resources page!

For example, you can work while travelling, or you can volunteer. You can pet-sitting and save on accommodation. You can do Couchsurfing and sleep for free.

If you eat like a local, in Asia and South America you will spend little money. Even in Mexico, we used to dine for 2-3 Euro. You can also buy your food and cook it at your hostel or guesthouse: You will save a lot of money this way.

If you buy your flight tickets in advance, you can save up to 50% of the final price.

Planning a travel properly is the key for success. Check our Travel Planning page!

Traveling long term can be cheap
Traveling long term can be cheap

7. It challenges you

We said that traveling means discovery. It also means challenge. We do need to take on challenges in order to grow personally, and travelling is a great chance to do it. Until you’re going to some All Inclusive luxurious resort, you fill face plenty of challenges in your travels. Often, in some countries, it’s a matter of “overcoming challenges, or dying”. Well, just in a metaphorical way.

And these situations will help you, oh yes! After having faced them, you will know yourself better. You will gain self confidence, and you will be a better person. Travelling is the best stage to improve yourself, ever.

Do you think you need to leave your job, in order to travel more? Read this post about traveling 120 days a year: You’ll change your mind!

Do you know any other reason why you should start traveling now? Share with us your thoughts, leave a comment below!

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    Hi there! Awesome article! I agree to each one of the 7 points! Travel to be a better person! Thats what I state!

    Keep up the good work with articles like that!

    • Enri & Zuz
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      Hi Giorgos,

      Glad you liked it! Thanks for the kind words. Absolutely, we agree with your statement 🙂

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