This is what you’ll see if you visit Mount Bromo

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Visit mount Bromo at sunrise
Mount Bromo at sunrise

Have you ever wondered what’s going on inside a volcano? Do you want to know what to expect from climbing an active one? This is what you’ll see and experience if you visit Mount Bromo in Indonesia.

Meet Bromo

We could say that Indonesia is one huge volcano. Yeah, it sounds threatening and the truth is that you’ll never know when one of the vulcanoes is going to wake up. Most of them are still active and some have caused a lot of damage. Mount Bromo in East Java is extremely popular because of its beautiful and particular landscape.

If you happen to be in Java make sure you’ll visit this volcano as well. We have seen a lot of amazing places but Bromo is definitely one of our favorites. There are a few reasons why.

Crater mount Bromo
Bromo is often smoking

First of all, together with the two neighboring volcanoes it forms a picturesque place that is spectacular especially at sunrise. The next reason is that you can climb to the top and see what’s hiding inside. Those adventurous can even take a walk around the crater! However, we don’t recommend this activity since it can be dangerous. Two tourists lost their lives some years ago, so it’s better to avoid walking there.

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How to get there

The closest big city to Mount Bromo is Surabaya. You can fly there directly and then take a train to Probolinggo. If you start from Yogyakarta there is a direct train that stops in Probolinggo but prepare for an 8-hour-long and not very comfortable journey. We also recommend buying tickets in advance since they get sold out pretty fast.

When you get to Probolinggo it’s still not the final destination. You need to reach the village mountain Cemoro Lawang, which lies just a few kms from the volcano. Sounds easy-peasy but it’s actually the trickiest part where many people get scammed. Why? Because the train arrives late in the afternoon when there are no public buses anymore.

The scam!

Prepare for an attack of various local drivers waiting outside trying to get you inside their vehicles. Make sure you don’t pay in advance, many drivers will take you to agencies that will try to scam you.

So, how did we do? Our van stopped in front of an agency, and the drivers wanted us to pay in advance, for the trip to Cemoro Lawang. After some shouting, they tried to intimidated us, threatening us with fists (really) and bad words. So, we left our “scam-van” and we started to walk around the bus station. There, we found a kind man, that gave us a lift to Cemoro Lawang. Of course, we had to pay 🙂 But we agreed on a fair price, and everyone was happy at the end!

Cemoro Lawang

Once in Cemoro Lawang there are many accommodation options. You might arrive quite late so in case you want to avoid looking for a free room in the dark you can book something in advance. We arrived around 8PM and managed to find a room in 10mins. It is quite cold in the area, especially at night. If you don’t have any warm clothes you can rent them from your guest house. As for food, there are many places where you can have something to eat. However, don’t expect anything fancy. Most of them offer basic meals such as nasi goreng or other kinds of nasi (rice).

Watch the sunrise

Sunrise from King Kong hill
Sunrise from King Kong hill

If you visit Mount Bromo make sure you wake up early in order to watch the sunrise. Start at 4AM from Cemoro Lawang and just follow the crowd. There will be many other people going in the same direction. You will need more or less one hour to get to the first view point. Since the view points along the main road are crowded as hell, we suggest you to to continue and to reach King Kong hill. It’s a small view point, with just a few people and the very same view. You can easily find it on Maps.Me.

Speaking about Maps.Me, check our list of useful travel apps.

What you see will literally take your breath away. Bromo together with its two neighbors will slowly rise from the darkness.

Collecting memories 🙂

We spent more than an hour looking for the best angle and taking pictures. Once you head back to the village you’ll be surprised at how lovely the surrounding landscape is. Before you visit Mount Bromo walk around a little and you might find a lot of inspiration. It looks a little bit like Tuscany with its neat fields and vineyards: The only difference is that here, you’ll find shallots and cabbages instead of vines!

Visit Mount Bromo and look into its mouth

caldera mt Bromo
Road to the crater

This is the part that most tourists look forward to. There are steps that lead to the top of Bromo and you can see what’s inside. It looks a little like walking on the moon. The area is covered with greyish dust that stick to you like a second skin. There is a temple at the foot of the volcano which was closed when we got there. There was actually no one around so it really felt like another planet. If you want to make your visit to Mount Bromo even more special, you can buy a tiny bouquet right under the vulcano and then throw it into the crater as an offer.

Stairwell to the crater bromo
Stairwell to the crater

Once you climb the steps you’ll see something truly unforgettable: the inside of Mount Bromo. There is usually too much smoke to see anything. However, we were lucky and the day we visited Mount Bromo there was barely any smoke coming out of the crater. We could clearly see the bubbling sulphur at the bottom. The sound coming from its very heart was deafening and it sounded like Bromo was quite angry. You can admire the crater from behind the barrier but think twice before leaving the safety zone and walking around the crater. For sure we wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt or accidentally fall into the crater!

Inside Mt. Bromo crater
Inside Mt. Bromo

This place is definitely one of our favorite places on Earth, together with the view of Himalayas in Nepal. Enjoy the gallery below!

Have you already visited Mount Bromo? How did you like it? Tell us about your experience!

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  1. Verena
    | Reply

    We have just been there and while the view was great it was just too crowded, mainly with locals. We were there on a Sunday. The stairs were so crowded that you couldnt actually move but were moved by the others. And up there we didnt actually get to look into the crater because we could not move at all. Luckily we got to see other volcanoes on our trip. My recommendation: don’t go there on a weekend!

    • Enri & Zuz
      | Reply

      Hello, really? When we went there, we were almost alone!
      Maybe because it was after lunch, many people prefer to go there after sunrise.
      We agree that it would be better to avoid weekends and national holidays 🙂

  2. mount bromo tour
    | Reply

    Wonderfull trips ,

    Your photos is very great !

    May i know what is type of your camera ?

    • Enri & Zuz
      | Reply

      Thank you very much for your kind comment! We use a Nikon D3200. It’s all about perspective and invention 🙂

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