Villa Durazzo Pallavicini, Genoa: The most beautiful park in Italy

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Villa Durazzo Pallavicini: The most beautiful Italian park

Did you know that in Genoa, Italy, there is a wonderful thematic park – called Villa Durazzo Pallavicini – that was elected in 2017 as the “Most beautiful park” in the country?

Of course you didn’t! We went there in order to take pictures and spend a great afternoon. It’s easily accessible from the city center – basically 25′ by train or bus – and it’s the best escape from your daily routine.

Entering the park it’s like falling deeper and deeper in a dreamlike world, surrounded by untouched beauty of nature. In the second half of 1800, people from all over the world came in Genoa to visit the park. To be honest, it isn’t just a park: There is a story behind.

Wanna know more? We’re going to reveal all the secrets behind this beauty!

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History of Villa Durazzo Pallavicini

The Villa, together with the park, was created by Michele Canzio. The works lasted for more than 6 years, and finally the park opened to visitors in 1846. It immediately gained international attention and fame, especially among the richest people in Europe, and became a public park around 80 years later, when the owner donated the complex to the city of Genoa. Largely restored during the 90s, it’s now a pleasure to visit.

Villa Pallavicini contains many beautiful structures, statues, and a scenic grotto. In former years, visitors could explore the grotto by boat: Imagine how beautiful it would have been, sliding through the darkness of the cave, and arriving to the beautiful open-air lake. Unfortunately, nowadays it’s closed to visitors, but maybe in the future it will reopen.

The most beautiful park in italy


In 2017, the park of Villa Durazzo Pallavicini, Genoa, was elected the “most beautiful park in Italy”. Another hidden gem that this city keeps ready for you.

The park has been considered one of the most important representations of the gardens of the XIX century. It was built with different scenographies, in order to stimulate different sensations to its visitors.

The “theme”

Villa Pallavicini is a true thematic park. Its creator wanted to project the park as if it was a piece of theatrical play, a journey into another journey. The spectator is guided through a story of an imaginary knight, and he’s even asked to impersonate him. This is why the park is divided into “acts”, like in a drama. There are three acts, or parts, that you need to follow before completing the tour. You need a couple of hours in order to enjoy the atmosphere, so relax and take it slow!

Part 1

The first part of the journey is focused on nature. You’re leaving the city and entering a thick forest. An old, rustic house welcomes you, and the inscriptions invite you to abandon your daily worries and enjoy the countryside. Here, you’ll be astonished by the strength of nature: Waterfalls, ancient trees, lakes will reveal to you one after another! There is also one of the most important collections of camellia trees in Italy, something to admire in spring.

Part 2

Castle of the Villa Pallavicini

After the camellia forest, the path leads to a hill. The second “act” starts at the top of the hill, where fake medieval ruins stand surrounded by pines.There is a gothic chapel, a castle, the Captain’s mausoleum and a colonial house. These elements were chosen in order to evoke epic and legendary events, belonging to an ancient world of knights and kings. We especially liked the castle, with its bright colours, and the beautiful interiors. On the second floor, a small room is decorated with stunning mosaics.

Part 3

The lake Villa Durazzo Pallavicini

The third and last act is linked to the Purification. A long time ago, the visitor had to go through the dark and humid caves (closed nowadays), symbol of the Hell. At the end of those caves, there is a splendid lake; It represents the Paradise. Here, you can admire all the mastery of Canzio, the creator of the park.

In the middle of the lake is a small neoclassical temple, consecrated to Diana, whose reflection in the calm waters is just breathtaking. You can cross the other side of the lake with the elegant oriental style bridge. Scattered around the place, there is an Egyptian Obelisk, a Chinese Pagoda and a Turkish temple.

Just after the lake, you’ll find the “Flower House”. A beautiful house with mirrors, with a backyard full of flowers. A pleasure for the eyes!

Now, enjoy the gallery and book your trip to Genova! 🙂

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