Trekking in Italy Pt1: Piemonte

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This is exciting: this post will be the first from our new series dedicated (not only) to trekking freaks. We are slowly exploring all the trekking possibilities that Italy has to offer. Believe us, there are so many of them that we will probably never be able to check them all.

Trekking in Italy: Piemonte

We’re starting our new series on trekking in Italy with one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the country. The number of trekking itineraries in Piemonte is literally endless so we’ll focus on just two of them. They are both challenging enough but with a little training and physical preparation you will encounter no issues.

1. Gesso Valley and the Valcuca lake

The breathtaking Gesso valley or valle Gesso is every trekker’s dream come true. The trek to the Valcuca lake is difficult but totally worth it. You will be rewarded with an incredibly green mountain lake where you will be most probably all alone.


The walking starts from Terme di Valdieri where you can leave your car in the huge parking lot. Make sure you arrive early in order to have plenty of time for the trekking and to maybe enjoy a nice meal at the shelter in Valle Gesso afterwards. Follow the path leading to Valasco and in something less than an hour you will reach the unbelievable valley that will open in front of you. You can explore it on your way back, first cross the wooden bridge on your right and head to a small metal building in front of you.

Continue up the hill walking through the meadows with occasional bushes and trees. Now the path will get pretty steep and you will have to be very careful in order not to lose it among rocks. Once you get over a low rock wall keep walking to the right towards the opening between two hills. The lake looks like a huge emerald dropped in the mountains and it shines even brighter in the sunny weather. On your way back take a walk to the Valasco shelter. Its design is a little unfortunate but they make amazing polenta! If you still have time lie down on the grass and take a break after the trekking.

2. Pelvo d’Elva and the Camoscere lake – Valle Maira

Another interesting trekking in Italy can be this rather challenging itinerary that can be modified though. We don’t like to make things easy for ourselves and went for the more difficult option.


You can either leave your car in Colle di Sanpeyre and walk 7kms to Colle della Bicocca. If you feel adventurous you can also drive but remember that it’s a dirt road and you need to be careful. From Colle della Bicocca follow the path leading up to Pelvo d’Elva. At a certain point things get a bit rough since you will have to help yourself with chains. Just follow the red signs.

After you reach the top of Pelvo d’Elva start descending the hill from the opposite side always following the signs. Proceed until you reach grassy terrain that will lead you all the way down to the lake Camoscere. To say that the place looks like a Windows wallpaper is not exaggerated at all. The shelter perfectly completes the whole scene. To get back you take the completely straight and super easy path on the outside of Pelvo d’Elva.

We cannot wait to explore more trekking routes in Piemonte. Hopefully we will organize one soon!

The next post dedicated to trekking in Italy will be dedicated to Liguria that also have plenty of trekking options.

Have you ever tried trekking in Piemonte? Let us know in the comments!

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