You will not believe these stunning places are in Slovakia

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Slovakia is full of places that are waiting for you to explore them. In this article we concentrated on the north of the country. In this post we will move to Central Slovakia. Each of them is very particular and has a fascinating history. You will not believe these stunning places are in Slovakia. Keep on reading!

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Visit all of them

The distances between these stunning places are so small that you can actually manage to visit all of them in two or three days. The most comfortable way is by car. However, the more adventurous you are the more you will enjoy finding different ways how to get from one place to another. Make sure you have at least two days to see them properly. Don’t worry about the right period to visit: these places do not lose their charm in any season.

Start in Čičmany

Cicmany - stunning places in Slovakia
Cicmany – A traditional house

A picturesque village full of decorated timber houses that look like made of gingerbread, is what you can expect from Čičmany. The decorating technique of geometric ornaments, birds or flowers was used around 200 years ago for the first time. The most famous building is definitely the house of Raden.

Would you like to try what it is like to live there? No problem, you can rent one of them! Together with the white patterns on the houses the folk music, dances and costumes have been preserved. The surrounding woods are rich for herbs and mushrooms. In winter the village is swarming with skiers who visit the nearby ski resort Javorinka. You will need around 2 or 3 hours to walk around Čičmany, and if you’re lucky you might see one of their popular cultural events.

Continue to Kremnica

Kremnica - Main square
Kremnica – Main square

Central Slovakia is full of amazing small towns breathing with history. Kremnica with its medieval soul is for sure one of the most beautiful places in the area. You probably didn’t know that but the Kremnica mint established in 1328 is the oldest still-working mint and it is accessible for visitors.

The most important customer is the National Bank of Slovakia. However, if you desire your own special coin we are sure that for a generous donation they will be more than willing to make it. The mint actually won a contract to produce rupees for Sri Lanka.

Visit a real rarity: Museum of Kitsch

Close to the mint you will find the Plague Column of the High Trinity, the Museum of Skiing and the Museum of Kitsch. All of them are stunning places. Imagine everything that you consider terrible, tasteless but funny at the same place. Stuffed animals, the craziest home decorations, erotic objects, communist toys and all kinds of things with no apparent purpose. That is all you will find in two rooms with thousands of different pieces of trash produced by humans.

Street of famous noses
Street of famous noses

If you’re interested in the tour you have to call and schedule it in advance. Unfortunately if you don’t speak Slovak you will need an interpreter. And if you still don’t have enough in the backyard there is the so called Street of famous noses. They all belong to Slovak artists, politicians or celebrities. It’s a big honor to have your nose immortalized this way, don’t you think?

Do some more sightseeing

Kremnica - The Castle
Kremnica – The Castle

Your next stop should be the Kremnica town castle, which is the dominant of the city. Walking up the stone-paved road towards the fortifications you will get to the Church of St. Catherine famous for its organ recitals. After paying the entrance fee you will be guided into the church. There you can sit down and listen to the history of the castle accompanied by organ music.

The castle area then offers various historical and art expositions, ossuary which dates back to the 14th century or the Church of St. Andrews. If you don’t mind climbing 127 steps you can enter the church tower and enjoy a wonderful view of the whole area.

Climb to the top

Tower at the top - Hill Krahule
Tower at the top – Hill Krahule

For those who love hiking right from the castle there is a track that will lead you to the highest point of the town. It is the observation tower on the hill Krahule. It is possible to get there by car if you want to avoid walking for about one hour. Let’s be honest: we don’t like making things easier, do we? It is one of the pleasant walks that the area offers and an alternative way to spend your time in case you are not really a sightseeing lover.

Head to Hronsek

This piece of architecture is also included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is the only church in Slovakia which shows Scandinavian influences. Historians are not entirely sure how come we can see a building with Nordic features in the middle of Slovakia.

Hronsek - Wooden Church
Hronsek – Wooden Church

The place is not exactly swarming with tourists so in order to enter you have to call the guide and agree on an appointment: Check this link for more info. And here comes the funny part. Forget everything that you know about the model tourist guides. The grumpy old lady that lets visitors inside the picturesque church and tells them the brief history of the monument is the real attraction of the place. She is actually so hilarious that one simply cannot get angry with her.

The best tourist guide in the world

The greeting was everything but warm. We had the impression that we were bothering her with our presence. We visited the church together with a group of tough looking motorbike riders. None of them had the courage to oppose her or talk back. Her swift and straightforward answers made us all feel like small children. Although we were intimidated, her personality made the whole tour even more memorable!

Now we will add a few facts on this remarkable protestant church built in 1726. It looks kinda small but there are actually 1,100 chairs inside. For those who are planning to get married in a very special wedding place, this can be it. Due to the good acoustics the church is occasionally used for concerts and services. Not far from it stands a lovely belfry which was finished in the same year the church was constructed.

End your trip in Banska Stiavnica

Last but not least, there is another beautiful medieval town waiting for you. Banska Stiavnica, surrounded by the Stiavnica mountains, will win you over with its stunning historical centre packed with remarkable pieces of architecture and churches. It used be a mining town, nowadays it’s mainly important for tourism.

Plenty of things to see

The centre of Banska Stiavnica is not really big but there are a lot of important sights. Right in the Trinity Square stands a plague column, which is a reminded of a tragic period. The town actually has two castles: old and new one. Both of them have been turned inot museums. If you don’t mind a little walking you should definitely visit the famous Calvary.

Just like we said: you won’t believe these stunning places are in Slovakia.

The post has been updated on 1st May 2019 – we decided to add one more place that is very important for the Slovak history and an attractive tourist spot.

Have you ever visited any of them? How did you like them? Let us know in the comments below and share the post with your friends!

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  1. Nigel
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    I have visited many places across Slovakia, including Čičmany, and visited Kremnica this year (although it rained). I travelled there by train, and left by bus – much better than the other way round, because the train station is much higher than the centre, and it’s easier to walk down than climb up! Ziar is a busy hub for buses to other parts of Slovakia, although it is just over 20 bus stops in several rows. There is a railway station, but it is about 15 mins. walk south of the bus station. Zvolen is worth seeing, too. There’s a replica “fortified train”, as created during the SNP uprising.

    • Enri & Zuz
      | Reply

      That’s a great thing about Slovakia: there are all these wonderful places that are waiting for you :).

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