Street food in Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Grilled frogs, a common street food in Siem Reap
Grilled frogs, a common street food in Siem Reap

For many of us, Asia means markets and food. A lot of food! Cambodia is mostly famous for Angkor Wat and for its beautiful natural landscapes, but it’s also interesting because of its markets. After a few days of visiting Angkor Wat, we decided to try the street food in Siem Reap.

With our guide from Actxplorer, we explored two markets, wandered around local products before heading for a delicious dinner. What did we eat, and why we went with a guide? Keep reading!

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Markets in Asia

Hens in Siem Reap market

The markets are the heart of Asia. Every town or city has at least one market, but more often two or three. People here buy fresh products, eat great food and socialize. From early morning to late night, there are always people, motorbikes, animals and food stalls around! We chose to visit a market and try the street food in Siem Reap with a guide, because of many reasons.

  • First, Actxplorer wants to show travelers the way locals live. Promoting responsible tourism with local communities, they offer authentic and unique experience that you will hardly find anywhere else. That’s what we love about them!
  • Second, we were interested in discovering the local life and products a bit more, so a good guide is the best way to do it. He explained to us cooking techniques, unique ingredients and recipes.
  • Third, sometimes we’re lazy and we like to treat ourselves, without having to worry about anything!

Street food in Siem Reap

Crabs siem reap
Freshwater crabs

So, how was our tour? We left our guest house in the late afternoon, at about 4.30PM. First, we visited the local daytime market, where we could see and try many different things, mostly fresh exotic fruit.

We were the only “barang” wandering around! Barang is the Cambodian word to indicate foreigners, similar to the Thai “farang”. The sellers were very friendly and many of them didn’t mind to be photographed, smiling shyly at us. We liked this market because it wasn’t too big, and we could find almost everything there, from the famous Cambodian green oranges to freshwater fish. After a couple of snacks, we were ready to go to the night market.

Eels in the market
Eels in the market

Night Market in Siem Reap

This relatively new market is situated in the proximity of the Angkor Wat ticket office. It’s a big one! Tourists and local people come here every evening to buy snacks, grilled meat and low-quality Chinese imported clothes.

First, we bought fruit: Rambutan, mangosteen and snake fruit. Delicious! Tropical fruit is incredibly sweet and aromatic, so different from the one we have in Europe.


Then, we tried a very typical local cold soup. The broth is made from freshwater fish, curry and coconut milk. Then, rice noodles are tossed in, with many fresh herbs on top: coriander, banana and papaya flowers, water lili stem and cucumber. We ate it with some steamed minced fish and chili. Yummy!

cold fish soup siem reap camodia
Local cold soup

Time for some exotic snacks

Let’s be honest. We headed here for one major reason: In Cambodia local people sometimes eat fried insects as a tasty snack. While Enrico cannot even get them close to his mouth, Zuzana gave them a try. The verdict? Check the video below!


STREET FOOD IN SIEM REAP, CAMBODIAEN: Fancy some crunchy cockroaches for dinner? With Actxplorer we visited the local market in Siem Reap and tasted different kinds of tiny creatures. Check the video and let us know if you would eat them too! :DCIBO DI STRADA A SIEM REAP, CAMBOGIAIT: Desiderate degli scarafaggi croccanti per cena? Con Actxplorer abbiamo visitato il mercato locale a Siem Reap e assaggiato diversi tipi di insetti e piccole creature. Guardate il video e fateci sapere se li mangereste anche voi! 😀

Geplaatst door Travel Hysteria op vrijdag 18 augustus 2017

We found out that silkworms are very good and tasty, with a familiar taste, while crickets are like chips. The cockroaches, on the other hand, weren’t that good. “They taste like paper”, Zuzana says.

cockroaches in cambodia street food
Would you eat on of these cockroaches?

After the night market, we headed to a local restaurant. There, we had one of the best dinners during our travel in Cambodia. We had 4 dishes: Fried wanton for starters, then a local soup made from jackfruit, vegetables and fish. The main dishes were chicken with cashew nuts and lemongrass fish. All delicious!

Zuzana eating a cricket!
Zuzana eating a cricket!

We enjoyed so much the street food in Siem Reap with Actxplorer. It’s a complete experience, where we could get to know the aspects of local daily life. What about you? Do you like street food? Let us know in the comments!

* Disclaimer: Thanks to Actxplorer, that made our experience possible. As always, all opinions and all photos are our own.*

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