8 reasons why you will love Tallinn, Estonia

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reasons why you will love Tallinn
Tallin – view

We love cities that are still discovering themselves and Tallinn is definitely one of them. Young, fresh and full of original things to do: that is the capital of Estonia. You will not get bored and you will not stop coming across its hidden corners. It is full of surprises and we would like to bring you 8 reasons why you will love Tallinn.

1. It has the cutest historic center

Tallin rooftops
Tallin rooftops

Don’t you just love those beautiful city centers where history breathes all around you? The one in Tallinn is just like that. Although it is tiny compared to other capitals you will not be disappointed. It was established in the 13th century and you can still see the original town walls. The medieval Old Town is well preserved and it is inscribed on the list of Unesco World Heritage. The picturesque streets and squares are one of the reasons why you will love Tallinn.

2. The sights are totally photogenic

The Times we had
The Times we had

It is impossible not to take hundreds of pictures in Tallinn. The sights are really remarkable. You will find out that they look incredible from different angles. We love to try more perspectives to find the best composition. The most photogenic sights are definitely the Town Hall Square, St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Kadriorg Palace and St. Olav’s Church.

Not sure how to take better pics? Our ebook will help you!

3. The free walking tours are great

Curch in Tallinn
Curch in Tallinn

We believe that free walking tours are one of the best ways to get to know a place better. The tourist guides are usually locals who will give you a lot of interesting and sometimes even surprising information. We had a tour like that in Tallinn and it made us see the city with different eyes. Apart from the main sights you will visit a few places that are off the beaten track. Besides, our guide was really funny and we had a lot of laugh.

4. You can eat yourself to death for little money

The list of good restaurants in Tallinn is very long. You can eat whatever you think of and pay very little. During our visit we tried a lot of different places and dishes: traditional Estonian cuisine, delicious Indian food or fresh fish.

However, there were two winners. The first one is a humble place called EAT which offers various types of filled dumplings or soups. In addition, it’s a great place if you’re on budget and super hungry. And the special price goes to the Vegan Restoran V. The cooks will create a vegan art on your plate but be careful to book a table in advance!

5. It is full of hidden corners

Coffee place in Tallin
Coffee place in Tallin

Let your feet be your master and you will be amazed at all the secret spots you will discover. It can be either a hidden cafeteria or a tiny artisan shop. We appreciate this kind of places even more than the popular sights because you always find them by chance. Like that they become special for you!

6. The aesthetic sense of the city is very strong

Beautiful sign in Tallinn
Beautiful sign

Not only is the city very pretty from the architecture point of view but for Tallinn tiny details matter as well. You will see that the city has a very strong artistic feeling. It is full of galleries and expositions and… Street art. It is very original but not vulgar or kitschy. Bars, restaurants or shops place an original statue or signboard outside to attract more customers. The result is truly pleasant!

7. You can easily get to some other European capitals

In case you have a few days available think about visiting one of the surrounding countries. Tallinn is a great starting point. You can take a ferry and visit Helsinki for one or two days. There are several agencies that offer (even daily) trips to Vilnius or Riga. We decided to risk our lives and check the ice cold Helsinki. Make sure you check ferry prices in advance because they can differ a lot. We found a very convenient one and managed to buy a return ticket for 60 euros.

8. The nightlife is far from boring

Seems like at night the city turns into a vibrant place ideal for young people looking for fun. It is definitely one of the reasons why you will love Tallinn. The choice is again endless. From loud rock pubs to lounge bars, just name it. We were curious to get to know the local culture and the nightlife is the best way. Anyway, we will just say that Estonians know how to have fun!

Can you think of any other reasons why you will love Tallinn? Let us know in the comments! 🙂



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