The foodie’s mini guide to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Foodies around the world, unite! Are you one of those travelers who are capable of visiting a place just because the food there is awesome? We feel you, mate. We’re always looking for new culinary challenges and discovering the secrets of local cuisines is among our priorities. Kuala Lumpur should be on your list too.

So here’s the thing: we’ve put together this foodie’s mini guide to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Many of the places mentioned in the post are known exclusively by locals but we want to share them with you. Get ready for a proper food orgy in the capital city of Malaysia!

Note: Click on the name of the restaurant in order to see where it is. You’ll be redirected to Google Maps!


Local people like eating. And they eat much. Don’t be surprised to find out that there are huge breakfast parlours all around the city where you can truly get stuffed. Most of them are Indian but everyone loves them.

SSS Spicy Food

Let’s start our foodie’s mini guide to Kuala Lumpur with some fresh cooked curry, warm Indian bread (roti) and sweet treats like jalebi. This place opens at 7AM and closes at 11AM and is totally full since early morning. It offers plenty of different meals that you can combine. You can accompany everything with a cup of delicious ginger tea. It’s gonna be hard but…try to save some space in your stomach cause this is just the beginning!

Coffee break

Are you also a coffee lover like us? We always appreciate a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee, with a piece of cake as a bonus.

Beam Specialty

You will fall in love with this trendy coffee place and its signature coffee. You can also have something to eat as they offer a few simple meals like sandwiches or pasta. Oh, don’t forget to try their cakes!


Malay people are very social and they rarely eat alone. Meals with friends or family become a feast at any time of day.

Ah Sang Bak Kut Teh

Pork soup KL
Delicious, huge soup!

How about not only sharing time but also meals with your friends or colleagues? This friendly place definitely cannot miss in our mini food guide to Kuala Lumpur. Basically you will get a huge pot of broth with pork ribs and various ingredients such as herbs, mushrooms or pieces of baked dough. You will add all the ingredients to the broth and voila: a super tasty dish is ready in a few minutes.


Nope, in Malaysia you never stop eating! We can’t forget about little something before you head to dinner.

Uncle Don’s

This nice bar/ bistro is a perfect afternoon getaway. You can have a proper meal but most people come here to have a drink and something small to eat. Our tip is piggy fries. This meat snack is a guilty pleasure and you won’t be able to stop until there is nothing left on the plate.


The choice is truly great. In this city there are probably more restaurants and places to eat than anywhere else in the world. So let us mention the most impressive ones that we have tried. Here, comes the best part of our mini food guide to Kuala Lumpur!

Fatty Crab

fatty crab Kuala Lumpur
The most delicious crab ever

Craving some crab meat? At Fatty Crab you can eat tons of it. You will also get a small hammer and tweezers. Prepare to get dirty as to get to the tasty crab meat you have to break on the though to the inside!

Garai Mekan Japanese BBQ

japanese BBQ Kuala Lumpur
Grilling our night!

It looks like a lot of those places that we have recommended so far require a bit of your involvement. Another one on our foodie’s guide to Kuala Lumpur is this Japanese BBQ. It is out in the open so don’t worry about being too smelly afterwards. You will get high-quality meat, vegetables and other ingredients to prepare your own dinner. Let’s be honest: We all love barbecuing but many of us cannot do it at home!

Pumpkin Garden Steamboat Kitchen

This is a similar concept to Ah Sang Bak Kuh Teh but the main difference is that the broth is made of pumpkin but equally delicious! You better book in advance though. The place is literally packed every evening. Too bad we don’t have photos of this place, but we were too busy eating 🙂

Madam Kwan’s

Madam Kwan prawn soup
Madam Kwan prawn soup

This popular restaurant has been recently discovered by tourists and we simply had to include it to our foodie’s guide to Kuala Lumpur. You will find many different restaurants under this brand all around the city but the one we tried is inside the Pavilion shopping centre. They offer many different dishes but we were particularly mad about their soups!


Food guide to Kuala Lumpur: Hokkaido cheese tart
Our biggest love 🙂

Don’t worry, we would never forget about you, sweet tongues! The choice of desserts is literally neverending but only one can be the winner. In our case nothing can beat the Hokkaido cheese tart. This small and super creamy cake of happiness can be found in most shopping malls. The classic one is unmistakably the best but you can also try the green tea or the durian (for the adventurous ones) variation.

cendol KL
We just adore this refreshing coup of heaven

Cendol is also a traditional dessert that you can find in most parts of Malaysia. They serve it in tiny bowls and it is green pieces of rice dough and beans in coconut milk and ice. Yummy!


No good foodie’s guide to Kuala Lumpur can forget to mention the awesome food markets in there. It would be useless to give you the exact destination as it changes all the time. Just ask around and for sure you’ll be able to find the right directions. The markets are little wonderlands and you will find truly bizarre meals there. Just to give you an idea we had stinky tofu, super tasty vegetable sushi or incredibly long fries with cheese salsa.

What do you think about our foodie’s guide to Kuala Lumpur? Any other places you would recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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