Bondalem Beach Club: Paradise in North Bali, Indonesia

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Bondalem Beach Club Bali
Bondalem Beach Club

Sometimes you need a break from everything. Doesn’t matter what it is: Your daily routine, the chaos of a busy city, or the fatigues of a long journey. Bondalem Beach Club is the perfect place for you! Bondalem is the name of a little village close to this incredible resort. It’s a small fishermen village in the North Bali coastline, with a beautiful temple and lively atmosphere.

Why North Bali?

Bali is a well known tourist destination nowadays. We visited the island in September 2017, during our big trip around Asia, and we have mixed feelings about it. It’s undeniable that some places in Bali are absolutely gorgeous. With an infinity of temples, rice fields, waterfalls, beaches, it’s impossible not to to like at least something. On the other hand, we felt like that the atmosphere of the island is now spoiled. The original feelings that Bali could raise some 20 years ago, are now gone. Today, tourist traps, millions of cars (the traffic is crazy for such a little island), cheap souvenirs and hordes of people are everywhere.

Black sand beach in front of BBC
Black sand beach in front of BBC

North Bali is another story, though. It’s less developed than the southern coast, thousand times away from Kuta, Senur or Bukit peninsula.The ancient traditions still survive here, and it’s perfect for those who are looking for more authentic places. The surroundings of the Bondalem Beach Club are well known for their natural beauty and black sand beaches. You’ll have the chance to see coral reefs, practice snorkeling or diving or explore the huge waterfalls all around. With a short ride, you can reach beautiful temples in the mountains and enjoy fresh air.

Why Bondalem Beach Club?

What’s so special about this resort? Well, judge by yourself. We think the photos will do the work, but let us add a few things. Just in case!

  1. First, the complex is built right by the sea. You walk out of your home (yes, because there are no rooms, here. You’ll have a super cool house), you pass the swimming pool, and after 45 seconds you’re on the beach. Not bad, really.
  2. The infinity pool. This is great, guys. Having a swimming pool, open 24/24 just in front of your house. If you’re tired of swimming in the sea, here you are.
  3. The houses. The resort has four two-floor family bungalows, and two comfortable classic double rooms. The view from the second floor, where the king size beds are, is breathtaking. The only sound we heard, was the of the sea waves washing the shore. First thing we used to see in the morning (other than our sleepy faces), was the sea. Neverending horizon. Life can be beautiful!
  4. The garden and the atmosphere. Mango trees, coconut palms, exotic flowers are scattered all around, and well taken care of. There are also a couple of traditional small houses in the garden, where the guests can enjoy the fresh breeze, and think about nothing.

The Beach

The beach in front of the resort has the typical black sand. The entirety of the north coast is composed by black sand, due to the volcanic activities throughout the centuries. For us, European people used to seeing white beaches, it was a great change. Bondalem Beach is long, empty, and really quiet. If the sea is calm, there is a beautiful coral reef to explore. The best thing about it, is that the coral is new, with a myriad of colored fishes and corals.

Infinity pool bondalem beach club
A few steps from the infinity pool

If you want to explore a little more, the resort will help you plan your activities. Not far from Bondalem, every morning you can observe dolphins. Just hire a boat, and enjoy their show. Actually, a couple of times, while having breakfast at the resort restaurant, we saw something very big in the sea, It was very far from the shore, and we are almost sure that it was a whale.

Overall, Bondalem Beach Club is probably the best resort we’ve ever stayed at. It offers everything you need for an unforgettable stay, and more. If you’re looking for peace, luxury and relax, then BBC is the best choice for you!

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  1. Max Demenchuk
    | Reply

    Thank you for your review.
    Yes, sometimes guests have the fortune to watch whales in this area.

    • Enri & Zuz
      | Reply

      Thank you for having us, Max. We really enjoyed every second spent at the resort :).

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