The moments before travelling are always exciting, full of actions to be done and last-minute ideas. But these emotions and concerns altogether can be frustrating if it's not done in the right way. Don't worry, Travel Hysteria is here to help you!

All you have to do is continue reading this page and visit these two sub-sections: Travel Planning and Get in the mood, where you will find even more detailed and focused info and help.

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before travelling


What do you need to do before travelling

There are several things that we always do before travelling. If you do the same, your life will become easier and your pre-travel stress will disappear.

Three months before

Write down a checklist of the most important things to remember. Since you have still quite a lot of time before going on a trip, you can plan your activities and check everything you need to. Always consider the following points:

  • Passport: check the validity. Many countries require at least 3 months of residual validity after your entrance in the country.
  • Visa: if the country you are planning to visit requires a visa, you should consider doing it in advance. We recommend to do it asap in order to avoid "last minute situations", such as dealing with post offices. Anyway, it's possible to request a visa through emergency procedure, but it will cost you much more than the standard one.
  • Insurance: always travel with a travel insurance! Choosing one in advance will save you money and you will have time to read the terms and conditions carefully. About insurance and other related stuff, find out more with our useful links.
  • Bank account and credit/debit cards: it's important to check your bank account and cards before you go. Some banks often set specific limits for the amount of money that you can withdraw from a local ATM. If you need to raise the withdrawal limit, you should be able to do it either online or simply by contacting your bank. If you are going to visit a "not-so-touristic" country, you should communicate it to your bank’s helpdesk in order to avoid having your card blocked. Believe us, this can really happen!
  • Driving License: depending on your type of driving license, in case you are going to drive in a foreign country, all you need to do is verify if that country requires an International Driving Permit. If this is the case, you have to apply for it. Paperwork always takes ages, so do it in advance!
  • Vaccination: since you may need to get yourself vaccinated for you trip, and it takes some time for a vaccine to take effect, you have to inform yourself on what to do. Certain vaccines take up to three weeks to start protecting you from the disease. Contact your doctor or a local hospital and they will tell you how to proceed.

One month before

You will have enough time to do all the things you might have forgotten about (even though the aim of the checklist is not to forget anything, so you’d better do your homework!). It's time to plan your travel and to think about the stuff you will need. In other words, let's create a packing list. Here are some of the essentials you should take on holiday:

  • Guidebook: if you don't have it yet, you might consider buying one. Don’t underestimate the power of guidebooks, they might come in handy in the places with no internet connection at all!
  • Adapter: make sure you bring with you the right adapter, in order to charge your electronic devices.
  • Medications: sounds obvious? Well, it's important to be ready in case you need them. We always bring with us gastrointestinal medications (probiotics, antibiotics or antidysenteric drugs),painkillers in case of a headache and paracetamol. However, there are countries where it is strictly frobidden to bring your own medications so it is another thing for you to check in advance.
  • Camera equipment:if you have a reflex, consider bringing extra lenses, a tripod (a small and portable one is OK), if you don't have space or you want to go light with your baggage) and some plastic material to cover your camera in case of rain. If you don't want to buy one, you can build your own camera rain cover: it's very simple, you only need a plastic bag and a rubber band or adhesive tape. Check this video!
  • Sample/small shampoo and soap: if you like collecting shampoo and soap samples from your travels, now it's time to bring them with you! You will save a lot of space.
  • Plastic bags: too useful to leave without them! You can put your soaps and creams, dirty clothes or wet stuff inside.
  • Gift list: friends and family simply love holiday gifts and souvenirs. If you prepare a list of giftees in advance, you will avoid last minute time losses.

One week before travelling

Your trip is getting closer, so it's time to do the last things. While your mind is already on vacation, you should focus on these few activities.

  • Online check-in: with low cost airlines you have to check in online by yourself. With standard airlines you can either do it by yourself or directly at the airport. Something important for long flights: choose your seat! Trust us, sitting a few metres from the toilets can become a nightmare. Check out this helpful link which will help you choose the best seats.
  • Baggage weight limit: always check your airline‘s baggage weight limit. Try not to exceed it since the fees for extra-weight are pretty high.
  • Check the weather for your trip: The weather forecast is not always correct but it can help you understand what to expect.
  • Check the news and events at destinations: these are two things that you should check each time you travel, no matter where. If you are going to visit some "risky" places, it’s absolutely necessary to stay updated. Events are important for understanding the local culture.

Now that you have read our before travelling to do list, you should visit the following resources that we prepared for you: then you will be ready to go!