7 packing tips for all travelers

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If you’re a keen traveler then you probably already have your own ways of doing things. For example, you may have your own way of budgeting for a trip (we have a handy spreadsheet if you don’t). Perhaps you know how to plan out your route for a long-term trip. Maybe you just have the perfect playlist for traveling. Whatever it is, you know how you like to do your own thing when traveling!

However, if there’s one thing that every traveler gets stuck on, it’s packing. Nobody likes doing it, we all leave it to the last minute, and it’s the bane of our lives. To make life easier, here are seven packing tips for all travelers.

Make a list

If you’re not making a list before you pack, then you’re doing it wrong! You’re far more likely to forget something if you just throw things in a bag, so make sure you’re methodical about it. Write out a list, double check it with your travel buddy, and then triple check it before you actually pack. Trust us; this is vital if you want to make sure you have everything you need.

Copies of documents

How many times have you made up a folder of all your important documents, only to find them crumpled up as soon as you get to the airport? The Secret Traveller blog by 1Cover has an ingenious trick – scan your documents and save them as a PDF on your phone, so you don’t need to take the paperwork with you. Clever, right?


Roll, don’t fold

Okay, so by now you must have heard of this trick. If not, it’s going to change the way you pack forever. Instead of folding your clothes into your bag, try rolling them instead. This will save so much space, and they’re far less likely to get wrinkled in the process. Just roll them up tightly and you’re good to go.

Roll in outfits

Another clever trick is to roll your clothes into outfits. Lay out a top, bottoms, and underwear together, before rolling them up. Now grab a pair of socks and put a sock on each end of your tightly rolled outfit. This will keep everything together and make it easier for you to pick out an outfit for each day.

Take with or buy there

If you’re not going to the middle of nowhere, then you’re more than likely to be able to buy lots of essentials wherever you are. Instead of filling your bag of toiletries, consider buying them when you’re out there instead. This is particularly handy if you’re short on space or are taking hand luggage only, and don’t want to spend over the odds for smaller versions of shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner.


Wash as you go

If you’re going to be traveling for a while then don’t try and take an outfit for every single day on the road – you’ll end up packing far too much. Instead, do some research into where you can wash your clothes wherever you’re going. There may be a laundromat near where you’re staying, or perhaps your accommodation offers a clothes washing service for a small fee.

Spread it out

Finally, a super important tip that will work if you’re traveling with other people. Instead of putting all of your clothes in one bag, spread everything out between bags. If any of your luggage does go missing, then at least you have something to wear for the time being! This is also a good tip for things like money – spread it out between pockets, wallets, checked luggage, and hand baggage.

So, there we have it! Seven smart packing tips for all travelers to abide by. Do you have any others to add to the list? Let us know in the comments.

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