6 Inspirational Travel Books

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Here we are: Travel Hysteria gives you 6 inspirational travel books to be read right now. Thanks to them, you will start travelling even without moving from your sofa.

1. Ernest Hemingway – The Sun Also Rises


Travel books“I can’t stand it to think my life is going by so fast and I’m not really living it.” Isn’t that what most travelers feel? To see and experience as much as possible, and travelling is a great way to achieve it.

Hemingway (himself a passionate traveller) will take us to three different destinations: Paris, San Sebastian and Pamplona. The way Jake Barnes, the main character of the book, describes these three places makes you simply want to go and try it on your own. Bars and cafés full of cigarette smoke in the artistic Paris, mountain streams of the Pyrenees and the heat and passion of siesta in Pamplona give us goosebumps just thinking about them!





2. Gabriel Garcia Marquez – One hundred years of solitude

One Hundred Years of SolitudeWe included it in our travel books list, even if this is not really a travel book. Yet, we felt it should be a part of it because the world that Gabriel Garcia Marquez managed to create is every traveller’s dream.

Don’t get confused by the imaginary town of Macondo as it is a metaphor for Colombia. Throughout his colorful images, magic and mysterious events you will slowly uncover the very heart of the history of Latin America and the arrival of European conquistadores. Now, many of you may argue that the story is just too complicated and banal and why you should even finish it. We agree that one of the main features is the repetitiveness of events or names but…that’s exactly the point.



3. Jorge Amado – Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon

Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon


Now something for the romantic travellers. Jorge Amado managed to write a book that will actually make you feel like you’re in Brazil (not exactly Rio De Janeiro but a small town called Ilheus).

The title tells you more about the main character, who works as a cook for a rich Syrian Nacib Saad. Her skin is like cinnamon and she smells of garlic. She is wild, likes to run around barefoot and she does not hide the needs of her body and give herself to pleasure. Amado’s writing is colorful, full of different smells and culturally rich. Forget about soap operas: this travelling to a Brazilian cacao town is much better.



4. Alex Garland – The Beach

The BeachNow let’s move to a completely different continent. Most of you have probably seen the movie version with Leonardo DiCaprio but surprisingly only few people know that it is based on a book.

Once in a while each of us has a desire to find a deserted tropical island with white beaches, crystal clear water and especially no people around. Richard from the book together with his friends succeed. Somewhere in a national Thai park they create their small paradise far from reality. We don’t want to reveal more details but as you can guess some unexpected shadows fall upon their fairytale and…well, read the book.



5. Gregory David Roberts – Shantaram


If you love India, this book is for you. If you don’t love India yet, this book will make you love it

It’s a novel based on a true story, where the author is the protagonist and tells his story, adding various fictional elements. We don’t know what is real (we would say 20% maybe) and what is not, but this book is truly amazing. Briefly, the plot describes the story of Linbaba, who escaped from an Australian prison and arrived to India. Here, the main character will meet plenty of lovely people, some hateful ones, and he will be involved in thousands of adventures.

The best thing about this 1100 pages book is the atmosphere. You can really feel the Indian atmosphere, with its colors, smells, contradictions and humanity. You will be there with your mind, hoping, swearing and smiling together with the characters. In the first third of the book the story goes a bit slow sometimes, but it is still a great piece of art. It will make you desire to visit that country!



6. A fortune teller told me – Tiziano Terzani

a fortuneteller told me

Last but not least, this book of the Italian journalist Terzani is one of the best one we have ever read. It couldn’t miss in our travel books list.

In 1976, the author was told by a fortune teller in Hong Kong not to fly in the year 1993. The prophecy was: If you fly that year, you will be hurt or die. Seventeen years later, he decides to follow this prophecy: not that he really believes it, but he takes a chance to visit many countries of the Asian continent without flying.

From Malaysia to Thailand, from Myanmar to Singapore, the author reports his encounters and talks with local people, discusses their traditions and beliefs. You can feel and breathe, between the pages, the Far East atmosphere, with its magic and contradictions. Moreover, the book contains Terzani’s observations on the development of Asia, and his worries about the disappearance of ancient traditions.




Have you read any of these travel books? What is your favorite of all time? Let us know in the comment section, and share the article below!

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