5 of the safest places to travel if you’re disabled

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safest places to travel if you're disabled

Traveling with a disability for many can be too daunting, and they just won’t give traveling a go. Others have tried and found there wasn’t any kind of accessibility for them, putting them off from traveling again. There are options out there for disabled travelers, so here are some of the safest options allowing everyone the opportunity to get out there and see the world for themselves.


travel if you're disabled

Many cruises come close to being purpose-built for traveling with a disability. There are wide open and flat decks and plenty of activities to get involved in. When visiting the destinations, the crew on the cruise liner will be happy to assist you getting off the vessel should you require it. You won’t have to spend as much time crammed into a plane as most of the traveling you will do will be overnight, when you’re hopefully fast asleep.


Cruises are a great way to see the world from a different perspective – the water! Many cruises look to put the needs of their passengers first, and they travel all over the world too.

Walt Disney World, Florida, USA

walt disney


There are many reasons to visit Walt Disney World in Florida, including meeting Mickey Mouse and the gang, as well as the wonderful attractions and the amazing firework shows at the end of each and every day. While those are great reasons to go, a trip to the park is also one of the safest travel locations for someone with a disability.

Disney will cater for a wide range of disabilities and have provided an extensive guide for visitors. The park is wheelchair accessible and will accommodate guests with rental wheelchairs and electric conveyance vehicles. Service animals will be allowed into the resort and guests can stay in one of the several hotels they have available on the site to minimize traveling times.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the most modern cities in the world. With that in mind, they have made sure to keep the city accessible to everyone who wishes to visit the German capital. Many of the city’s top attractions and site are wheelchair accessible and the public transport is considered to be some of the most wheelchair-friendly in the world.

Tenerife, Spain

tenerife disabled travelers

Many of the resorts on this Spanish island have adapted their rooms and facilities for disabled access. Visitors can expect to find wheel-in showers, mobility scooters for hire, wide doors and fully supportive fixtures and fittings in many of the hotels on the island. You can enjoy the warm temperatures on this volcanic paradise without worrying about how safe you will be during your stay. It’s best to double check that any accommodation is fully accessible before making a booking, and it might be a good idea to request a room on the ground floor to avoid any potential problems.

Barcelona, Spain

The Spanish city is one of the front-runners when pushing for accessible tourism. All of the buses in Barcelona are wheelchair-accessible, and the vast majority of the metro stations are the same. Many disabled visitors to the city can gain access to the main attractions ahead of the line, as well as being offered free entrance. Even the beach is wheelchair-accessible and the wonderful market, Mercat de la Boqueria, is flat and available to everyone.

As with many travel adventures you will need to make sure you do lots of travel planning. Address what it is that you really want from the experience and make sure to allocate a budget. In that budget, you’ll need to cover the cost of insurance and ensure the relevant travel companies are aware of your needs in advance. If you make sure you have planned thoroughly enough in advance, then you are sure to have a great time traveling.

These places are some of the most accessible across the world for disabled travelers. There is a little something for everyone so if you want a beach trip, or to immerse yourself in the heart of a city; hopefully you have found something that appeals. Know of any other places? Let us know in the comments.

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