5 movies to watch before going to Mexico

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Is your holiday in Mexico still far away and you just can’t wait to get there? These 5 movies set in different parts of Mexico will make your waiting less painful:

1. Frida (Julie Taymor, 2002)


The movie ”Frida” will bring poetry and colours into your grey days. A heartbreaking story of one of the most talented and controversial female artists ever will let you peek into her life full of pain, passion and breakthroughs.

After watching this movie we simply cannot imagine anyone more fit for the role of Frida Kahlo than Salma Hayek. Starting with her early years and the tragic accident that changed Frida’s life forever, the story describes the most secret parts of the painter’s life including the relationship with her unfaithful husband Diego and the so many times discussed love affair with Leon Trotsky.

Get ready for almost two hours of Mexican music that will get under your skin (wonderful soundtrack by Elliot Goldenthal), drama, art and powerful images. The bad news is that after this movie your desire to visit Mexico will just never go away.



2. Y Tu Mama Tambien (Alfonso Cuaron, 2001)


Those who have seen at least a few movies with Gael Garcia Bernal know that he chooses his roles very carefully.

”Y tu mama tambien” is a playful road movie about two Mexican ”not boys, not yet men” and Luisa, their not entirely platonic love from Spain, who is constantly teasing them on their way to the beach of their dreams. Through funny dialogues and situations you can observe the fragility of human relationships and weaknesses that slowly rise to the surface when least expected.

However, you will want to live their lives: drive the dusty Mexican roads, drink beer in God-forgotten places and end up on a beach that really looks like a terrestrial paradise.


3. Amores Perros (Alejandro G. Inarritu, 2000)


Your suffering will never stop and things can always get worse. A crafty movie set in Mexico City that connects three completely different stories will show you the dark side of the everyday life in Mexico: illegal dog fights, homeless sicarios, complicated relationships that will demonstrate that nothing is black and white, dreams that will never come true.

This not so easy movie to digest will give you a lot to think about. But we are convinced that to understand a country better you also need to see its negative aspects.




4. Apocalypto (Mel Gibson, 2006)


In case you’re planning to visit Mayan ruins, this movie is a must. Its director Mel Gibson has been criticised by many for several neglected details, but he did an amazing job anyway. You’ll understand it the moment you enter one of the famous Mayan archeological sites such as Chichen Itza or Uxmal.

The movie will bring you into the times of human sacrifices, cruel godships, mysterious tribes and civilizations that have been shocking us for centuries. The story itself is quite simple: Jaguar Paw together with other members of his tribe gets attacked and violently taken away from his home in the middle of the jungle. His only desire is to escape and go back to his pregnant wife. The struggle will be long and bloody and we are not going to tell you whether Gibson chose a happy ending.

More than by the main idea of the movie you will be impressed by the scenery and depiction of the fascinating Mayan civilization from whose brilliance will never stop surprising us.



5. An Idiot Abroad (Krishnendu Majumdar, 2010)


No, this is not a joke. Actually, you will die laughing watching this not a very typical documentary series.

Carl is an average guy who passionately hates travelling. The producers decided to take advantage of his lame attitude and turned it into success. They send Carl on a mission: to visit the seven wonders of the world. Most people would be more than happy but the grumpy Carl always finds a reason to complain.

We choose the episode in which he visits Mexico and Chichen Itzá and well, the producers are giving him a really hard time. Check for yourself 🙂


Did we miss anything? Do you have any other movies to suggest to us? Let us know in the comments!

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