15 pictures of Athens that make it a great travel destination

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This is not a guide to Athens. This is not a list of places to see in the capital city of Greece. This time we’ll make things more graphic and show you our memories in 15 pictures of Athens.

We’d been avoiding this destination for years. Many of our friends were discouraging us from visiting. When the moment came we were actually surprised. Local people are very friendly, the streets are swarming and we enjoyed sightseeing a lot. This is what we’ve learned about Athens:

  • it is full of sights and you can fill your days with history. The only pity is that Parthenon is under construction. Unless you’re a photoshop expert your pictures will have a few cranes in them.
  • the food is great. Everywhere we went we ate really well…and A LOT. Try moussaka, grape leaves stuffed with rice and herbs, delicious souvlaki or fresh tzatziki. Forget about your diet: In Athens you eat!
  • the presence of young generation is very strong. You can feel it especially in the Exarchia neighbourhood, which is full of street art, caffeterias and art shops.
  • Athens loves vintage! The antique market is just incredible, you will the craziest stuff there.
  • it is Uber friendly, you will have no difficulties finding a car at any time of the day.

We won’t bother you with facts, history and politics. That’s not what this post is about. Enjoy our pictures of Athens and in case you haven’t visited it yet, give it a chance!

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