13 photos of Como and its magical lake life

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Lake como flowers

Living by the sea is awesome. However, Como in Italy will convince you that living by the lake is not that bad either. We have carefully created a gallery with 20 photos of Como, or to be precise the lake Como and the picturesque villages that grew on its shore.

It’s a perfect all-year-round destination. Of course, if you want to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the lake you better visit in the summer. In spring and autumn you can also enjoy ferry trips around the lake.

Where is the lake Como and how to get there

You can find the lake Como in Northern Italy, in the Lombardy region. It’s actually really close to Switzerland, just saying. It is the third biggest lake in Italy but if you check it on the map it actually doesn’t look wide at all. In case you fall in love in with the lake and decide to check houses on sale in the area, let us warn you in advance. A lot of rich and famous people have retreats around the lake so don’t expect any super cheap offers.

admiring the lake

Just satisfy yourselves with a hotel or a nice B&B. To get there is pretty easy. There is a direct connection from Malpensa. From Bergamo unfortunately you have to take a bus to the Milano Central Station or Bergamo train station and from there take a train to Como. You can use the well developed ferry service that is higly active even in winter months. Some of the ferries can also transport vehicles.

The most convenient (and less ecological) way is to rent a car. The advantage is that you are not limited by any timetables and you can stop when and wherever you want. The disadvantage is that in high season it can be challenging to find a parking spot and also the roads are full of cyclists so you have to be careful not to crash them.

Villages around the lake Como

bellagio lake como

Since this is not a proper guide but rather a gallery, we are not going to bother you with too much information. We would like you enjoy visually our carefully chosen photos of Como. Of course, we hope they might inspire you to choose the lake Como as your next holiday destination as it is pretty magical.

In the summer you can find a nice spot and take a bath in the incredibly blue lake. Otherwise visit one of the following villages around the lake. They contribute to the fact that the lake Como is not only one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy but in Europe as well. We are just going toss in a few important names and then you can judge for yourselves from our photos of Como:

  • Bellagio: listen, even if you skip all the rest, make sure you stop in Bellagio. We are pretty convinced that if Fellini’d decided to shoot La dolce vita 2 Bellagio would have been his first choice. Just kidding, but Bellagio has everything that people love about Italy: beautiful colourful houses and historical villas, tiny streets with artisan shops and caffeterias overlooking the lake Como. Have a nice big ice cream before you hop on a sightseeing cruise.
  • Varenna: another village that has similar qualities to Bellagio but its streets are even more narrow. Go explore and find as many photogenic spots as you can!
  • Tremezzina: this village is actually a merge of four different comunes with a very special atmosphere. We bet you had no idea that a few scenes from Star Wars were actually shot here, right?

We could continue like this with Menaggio, Nesso or Argegno but you know what? We’ll leave the exploring to you guys!

Have you already visited the lake Como? Which place impressed you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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