12 Ways to save money for traveling (6400€ in a year)

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Everyone needs to save money for traveling, no doubt about that. Do you know how to do it?

Many people think that they can’t afford to travel because they (think) don’t have the money. We have a lot of friends that ask us the same old questions: “How can you travel around the world with that salary? Are your parents giving you money? Do you sell drugs?”, and so on. No guys, you’re totally wrong.

Here’s the truth. Learn how you can easily save 6400€ per year without doing any magics.

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How to save money for traveling – 6400€ per year

A lot of money for your travels
A lot of money for your travels!

We currently live in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. As you may know, Slovakia is not famous in the world for its high salaries. Still, we usually manage to save money for our travels. Here’s the breakdown of our 2016 savings!

1. Don’t go out for coffee

Stop going to your favorite cafeteria everyday! Instead, reward yourself with a fresh brewed coffee at home. Of course, you can have coffee with your friends during the weekend: But you have to learn how to say “No” to yourself. We usually had coffee at the bar everyday, Then we stopped this routine. The result?

Saving: A coffee costs about 1.50€. In 2016, we saved 30€ per months = 360€ per year.

2. Be careful with your groceries

Try to go to the fresh markets and the local shops (butcher, dairy, etc), when you do your grocery shopping. Supermarkets are also fine, but you need to learn what to buy and where to buy it. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to understand that you DO NOT NEED those crisps. You don’t need that 2-liters-and-a-half of Coca Cola. And so on. You will discover that you don’t need a lot of things, so make a list and stick to it. You’ll discover soon that saving even just 2€ every day is a lot!

Saving: 10€ per week = 480€ per year.

3. Walk! Do not take bus or subway

Ok, this depends on how big your city is. If you can, walk to the office. Go shopping without taking public transport. Go out in the weekends using the cheapest transport ever: Your feet. The message is: Walk as much as you can. You will save money for traveling, and you’ll train yourself for free.

Saving: 26€ per month = 312€ per year.

4. Cook your lunch

This is a life-saver. We love this point! it’s just a matter of routine. In the evening, you must cook something to eat for dinner: Double the portion, and bring the rest to work, the day after. Every office has a kitchen nowadays, right? Good, so start using it and reheat your lunch. Convince your colleagues to do the same and you won’t be eating alone.

Saving: 4€ per working day = 960€ per year.

5. Don’t go out for dinner

You must think that we’re cutting your social life off, aren’t you? Restaurants are expensive, and rarely good. You can become a good cook in a few weeks and prepare delicious meals at home. If you are afraid of losing friends, you can join them for a drink after dinner. Or, you can cook at home and invite them! DO NOT eat out every weekend, if you want to save money. We have friends that go to the restaurants 2 times per week. We usually go out once per month, and we don’t feel we’re losing the best time of our lives.

Saving: 15€ each dinner = 540€ per year (assuming you’re going to eat out every weekend).

6. Don’t waste money in useless stuff

save money for traveling
Save money for traveling!

Stop with consumerism. We’re Ambassadors of the Fight Against Consumerism, and you should become one of us. Nowadays the society pushes us to buy things you don’t need. New cellphones every year, new shoes, new dresses, new cameras, new new new. Say no to that! Buy your stuff just when you need them. So… When do you need them? When they’re broken and you can’t repair them. That means that if your 1-year old shoes are still good, you don’t need the new model of them.

What about the sales? Well, you can wait the sales to buy something you need, that’s a good strategy. But if you don’t need anything, don’t go to the mall during the sales season “just because”. You’ll waste your money in useless stuff.

Saving: 30€ per month = 360€ per year.

7. Buy your tickets in advance

When you’re planning a travel, one of the most important things is to save money on flight tickets. It’s actually essential! To give you an example, last year we saved more than 50% of the final price, buying the tickets at the right time.

If you want to know how to save money and plan the perfect travel, check our Travel Planning page!

Saving: 250€ last year.

8. Share your flat

We all like having our own flats, living alone and hanging around naked in the kitchen whenever we feel like (well, at least we do…). But usually the rents are expensive, so why not share your flat? If you are young and you don’t have a family, try to do it. If you have a partner, you may go living together. Otherwise, if you are single you can find a flatmate: A friend of yours or even a stranger. You will share the rent and the utilities, saving tons of money!

Saving: 200€ per month = 2.400€ per year.

9. Cut your cable TV

Guys, we’re in 2017. Do you really still pay for your cable TV? No way, just cut it off! Nowadays you can find everything on the internet, either paying for it or for free. News, TV Series, Movies, your favourite sport, EVERYTHING! God bless the streaming. Use a HDMI cable to link your laptop with the TV and you’re done.

Saving: 15€ per month = 180€ per year.

10. Quit Smoking!

Are you a smoker? We don’t want to be annoying or become some kind of saints, but have you ever thought how much you can save by quitting? Take care of your health and your wallet. Every time you want to buy a cigarette pack, think about how many flight tickets you can buy instead of it. Or how many beers  you can drink on a tropical island’s beach. Whatever, just don’t spend that money!

Saving: 3.50€ per pack, twice per week = 336€ per year (assuming you’re an average smoker).

11. Stop buying snacks

Snacks are good, damn. We know that. But they are not cheap, necessary or healthy. Guess what? You need to cut them off from your expenses. Instead of a chocolate bar, eat fruit. Stop with those chips, choose unsalted and healthy nuts instead.

Saving: 10€ per month = 120€ per year.

12. Drink tap water whenever possible

Water should be a public good. In our modest opinion, everyone in the world should have access to drinking water, and no one should be paying for it. However, talking about savings, you should drink tap water instead of buying plastic bottles. You’ll do a favour both to your wallet and to the enviroment. Of course, you must be sure that the tap water is drinkable. In Europe, for example, the water is good in most of the cities. Of course if you’re traveling to Asia, you must avoid tap water. But that’s another story…

Saving: 15€ per month = 180€ per year.

So, let’s try to understand how much we saved in 2016. If you sum all the points above, the result is amazing: more than 6400€! Of course, the total amount is an estimate, but is not that far from the reality. And, if we did it, you can do it too! You must do it.

We showed you 12 ways to save money for traveling, and we hope they will help you. Do you guys know any other tricks? How do you fund your travels? Let us know in the comments and share the post with your friends!



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