10 places in Tuscany that will show you the “dolce vita”

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places in tuscany to see

Tuscany is one of our favourite regions in Italy. It represents the true Italian dream: historical towns with their hidden corners, endless green vineyards and lonely farmhouses all around. And hey, can we talk about the food? So here’s the deal: after years of trips we are ready to show you 10 places in Tuscany that will leave you speechless.

10 places in Tuscany you need to see

The amazing thing about Tuscany is that you can visit anytime of the year you want and it’s still gonna be magical. If the weather is bad just find a nice canteen and spend your day getting drunk tasting delicious local wines. In good weather discover all the picturesque villages or ancient abbeys.

So get ready to fall in love, here are the winners.

1. San Gimignano

View of San Gimignano from Torre Grossa

Ok, this was easy and kinda obvious. San Gimignano is one of the most visited places in Tuscany and it has every right to be. Its streets breath with history and the town is literally filled with good restaurants, enotecas and bottegas (shops with typically regional products). We loved it so much that we dedicated a whole post to it. That’s why we are not going to bother you with more information. All is written there!

2. The abbey of San Galgano

View of Abbey of San Galgano

If you’re one of those travelers who like off the beaten path stuff then this is something for you. There is actually not much left of the original building but it’s still quite impressive to walk inside. We’re gonna leave you another link to find out more about the abbey and how to get there. Very few people know about this place so might happen that you will have it all to yourselves!

3. Volterra


Volterra is one of those places in Italy that have an exceptional historical value. This town is a perfect example of how developed the Etruscan culture was. You can find out more about the Etruscan origins in the museum dedicated to this mysterious ancient civilization. Its traces are also visible in the town walls or the Acropolis. Make sure you also visit the Roman Theatre.

4. Montalcino


Tuscany is also about vineyards and drinking wine so don’t be surprised if all the places that you visit are full of enotecas. Montalcino is no exception to the rule. You basically enter through the 14th century fortress Rocca. You can actually climb to the top and admire the view. Apart from being stunning it’s a great place to try some of the local specialties. Have a glass of the Brunello wine together with a platter of selected types of cheese. Try the grilled pecorino or pickled vegetables, you will love it!

5. The abbey of Sant’Antimo

abbey of Sant'Antimo

Yep, one more abbey. This one couldn’t miss on our list of the great places in Tuscany. It is a great example of medieval monastic architecture. The atmosphere during the masses is truly magical since you can listen to Gregorian chants. There is also a historical pharmacy behind the monastery that offers products made by the monks and few other local specialties.

6. Bagno Vignoni

Bagno Vignoni Tuscany

There are a few thermal zones in Tuscany, Saturnia being probably the best known. Bagno Vignoni is not on so many itineraries. It is a tiny medieval borgo with a huge pool in the middle surrounded by ancient buildings. The pool is currently not open to public but it’s still a beautiful and enjoyable place.

7. Monticchiello

The special thing about Monticchiello is that you will be there all alone. In comparison with its famous neighbours Montepulciano or Montalcino you will meet almost no other tourists. That of course doesn’t mean it’s less impressive, quite the opposite. We literally fell in love with this village where the time stopped a few centuries ago!

8. Montepulciano


Montepulciano is a little outside of Val d’Orcia and of the most stunning places in Tuscany. The streets of the historical centre wind up all the way to the top of hill where you will find Piazza Grande. You can climb up the Palazzo Comunale and enjoy an unforgettable view. Plus let’s not forget about the fact that Montepulciano is home of the one of the most famous wines not only in Italy but in the world whatsoever.

9. The Vitaleta chapel

vitaleta chapel

Now you may wonder what’s so special about this spot and let us answer you. This chapel is one of the most popular photo and Instagram spots in Tuscany. You will most probably find it in every single guide, website or book on Tuscany. We tried it too so this review is totally verified, just check the pics!

10. Lucca

lucca tuscany

Lucca is not that popular and we believe it’s not fair. We climbed to one of the infinite number of towers in the centre and looked around at all that marvel. After one visit you will agree that Lucca definitely deserves to be on our list. Don’t forget to try the yummy farro soup that’s typical for Lucca!

And we’ll stop right here. Not because the list of amazing places in Tuscany is finished. We just want to give you a little teaser on what you expect in case you’re visiting Tuscany for the first time. On our website you will find detailed posts on some of the places mentioned above and there’s gonna be more in the future!

If you are already familiar with Tuscany let us know which of these places you liked the most. Are there any other places you would recommend?

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