Travel Hysteria couple in Chichén Itza
Travel Hysteria couple in Chichén Itza

Welcome to Travel Hysteria!

Travel Hysteria is a brand new website made by us for you. It's more than just a travel blog: it's a new platform where we want to share our emotions and experiences with you and help you get the most out of your travels.

If you are here, it means that you love travelling. You live for it, you live for the feeling that only travelling can give. You think about it every day, you dream of flying away and living free. You are not alone, we are the same!

Who are we?

We are Enrico and Zuzana, a multicultural Italian-Slovak couple in our late 20s. We currently live in Bratislava, Slovakia, where we met for the first time, kayaking the river Danube.

We're not gonna lie to you: we are not experienced bloggers, professional photographers or superheroes. We are just two normal people with the same big incurable passion. We'll improve our skills on the way, and we would like to do it with you.



3 things I love: pesto, sunshine and driving abroad
3 things I don't like: Mondays, arrogance and overcooked pasta
BIO: Born in Genoa, Italy, I discovered the pleasure of travelling at the age of 18, during an interrail Euro trip with two friends. Since then, I've used every possibility to travel. At the moment I work in an international company in Bratislava, dreaming every morning of lost beaches and exotic cities...





3 things I love: foreign languages, mountains and Phở bò
3 things I don't like: onion, traffic jams and McDonald's
BIO: Born in Zlate Moravce, Slovakia, I have loved travelling since I was a kid and it's already become an obsession. I love discovering hidden spots that not even the locals know about. I currently work in an Italian company and so far it's managed to satisfy all my multicultural needs.



Why Travel Hysteria?

The term hysteria describes "ungovernable emotional excess".

Alright, that's it. If you've ever found yourself - the night before a trip that will bring you to the other part of the globe - looking for an affordable connection to some place 4000 km away, trying to find out as much last minute information as possible...looks like you are hysterical about travelling as well!

Why you should follow Travel Hysteria:

They say you are wrong if you want to live your life travelling, leaving your 8am-5pm job. What if they are wrong and you, we, are right? We think it can be wrong to live our lives in the offices, watching the world outside from a window. Or, at least, they should give us more days off!

We have a dream: to spend our lives, or at least a vital part of them, travelling from one place to another, getting to know different cultures and becoming a guide for other travellers. In other words, to be an important source for everyone and inspire people to follow their own dreams no matter what.

We are sure you will find a lot of inspiration on our website. Join us now to get useful tips and travel guides, learn together with us the secrets of a perfect travel, improve your photography skills and bring home some nice pictures. Travel Hysteria is a network: ask us and we will do our best to help you. You will be surprised by our useful and fresh contents. We want to encourage you to participate and grow with us.

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